“You Make Me Feel”

Cobra Starship


1 star

“You Make Me Feel Good” is one of the dumbest dance songs I’ve ever heard. The beauty of popular dance music is forgetting the lyrics and having a good time getting your groove on; dance songs can be good when they’re silly and fun, but not when they’re moronic.



Kanye West & Jay-Z

Watch the Throne

4 stars

What do you get when you make a song that combines two egos the size of China with an old school R&B legend? A pretty respectable collaboration. Kanye and Jay-Z together is a lot to handle, but the wise presence of Otis Redding makes this song a tour de force.


“Tame the Sun”

Male Bonding

Nothing Hurts

4 stars

On their debut album Nothing Hurts, Male Bonding proved itself to be a band to watch out for. “Tame the Sun” builds on that power. The raging guitars and pounding drums, on top of lead singer, John Arthur Web’s subdued but chilling voice will delight listeners looking for music with an edge.

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