“Big Hoops”

Nelly Furtado | Single

1 star

I do enjoy a bit of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and even some Ke$ha every two weeks or so. But two minutes in, I refused to give Nelly Furtado’s repetitive chipmunk-like new single, “Big Hoops,” her ode to clubbing in large hoop earrings, another minute of my time.




“UK Blues”

Sun Kil Moon | Among The Leaves

4 stars

Familiarity is what Sun Kil Moon settles for in their new single, “UK Blues.” The plucked nylon guitar soothingly compliments Kozelek’s crooning voice, creating a song that’s beautiful if not original. Hopefully, fans can expect more of this conventional melancholy in their new album.






St. Vincent | Single

3 stars

St. Vincent’s new single, “Krokodil,” holds a crazed pace that seems to reflect the opiate reference in its title. The song is as frenetic, edgy and desperate as a drug addict. It’s a short-lived shot of musical adrenaline that leaves listeners wanting more.

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