“The Wave”

Miiike Snow // Happy to You

3/5 stars

With its latest single, Miike Snow has made up for the stigma associated with Swedish music. “The Wave” makes use of crooning vocals, provided by lead singer Andrew Wyatt, that lend the song a mellow tone.

“Do It Like You”

Diggy feat. Jeremih // Unexpected Arrival

3/5 stars

“Do It Like You” is a song to play while reminiscing of hormones caused your biggest problems. This fledgling rapper’s lyrics are still rudimentary at best, but are more than enough for a light, entertaining song.


Marina and the Diamonds // Electra Heart

4/5 stars

“Primadonna” is the first single from this Welsh singer-songwriter’s upcoming album, Electra Heart. The track is fun and silly, featuring Marina Diamandis’ vocals over a techno-inspired beat. It’s what you need to ease out of midterm mode.

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