“Till the World Ends”

Britney Spears

Femme Fatale

3 stars

“Till the World Ends” reflects the current state of pop music, as a heavily computerized voice, pounding bass and electronic beats round out Britney’s latest single. Britney definitely doesn’t impress with her musical talents on this one — her singing is auto-tuned and the lyrics are completely bland. It will definitely get everyone dancing at Brown House next weekend.



Noah and the Whale

Last Night on Earth

4 stars

The indie folk band hailing from London comes out with the first single from its newly released record Last Night on Earth. An upbeat song about moving on and following your heart, with folksy harmonies and a sing-a-long chorus, it’s sure to pick up anyone’s mood and put a smile on your face.


“All His Love”

50 Cent


1 star

Here is a sample of the lyrics: “Every different day I wake up to play with a different bitch / Bitches love me, just like I love me / Fat bitch, skinny bitch, short bitch, tall bitch / You wanna buy me shit? Meet me at the mall, bitch.” C’mon 50, I know you can do way better than that.

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