“Moonshine” by Bruno Mars

Unorthodox Jukebox

5/5 stars

The third single from Bruno Mars’ new album, which is due out in December, introduces influences from Michael Jackson and Prince and gives Mars the opportunity to depart from his typical crooning ballads. This ’80s-style single is as intoxicating as it is refreshing.



“Before We Run” by Yo La Tengo


4/5 stars

A mixture of sleepy vocals and an undulating, occasionally overpowering background of horns and strings, the new song from perennial critical darlings Yo La Tengo pairs perfectly with lazy Sunday afternoons or staying in when it gets too cold to drag yourself to Lau.


“What Have I Done” by LeAnn Rimes


4/5 stars

Contemplative and delicate, LeAnn Rimes’ new single from her fourteenth album, scheduled for release in 2013, could have been in a typical, pining-after-lost-love country style.  However, coupled with Rimes’ passionate vocals and self-written lyrics, this song is as touching as it is relatable and is a definite buy — regardless of personal views towards country music.

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