“New Whaling”

Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Wolfroy Goes to Town

3 stars

Will Oldham, a.k.a. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, is an Americana legend. While “New Whaling” and the rest ofWolfroy Goes to Town won’t hurt his reputation, the song highlights how his music can be considered either hit or miss. Even with its mix of hushed vocals and offbeat tones, this piece doesn’t leave as big of a mark as much of his earlier material did.

“Lost in Paradise”



2 stars

I usually have nothing against grand, theatrical rock — as long as it’s done correctly. But this is far too overblown to be considered anything resembling a distinguished baroque/alternative rock song. Amy Lee’s overtly sentimental lyrics, the overproduced pianos and effects that support her make this song less than remarkable.

“Video Games”

Lana Del Ray

Video Games Single

4 stars

In her debut single “Video Games,” Lana Del Ray sings of unrequited love with a man who, despite all she does, would rather “go play a video game.” “Video Games” is a song for the broken-hearted and is a rewarding listen for anyone who can appreciate the misleading simplicity of Del Ray’s music.

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