“I Won’t Give Up”

Jason Mraz // Untitled

5 stars

Jason Mraz is back with this melodic ode that love that conquers all. This mostly acoustic song relies on the strength of Mraz’s tenor and the poetry of his lyrics, which soar to a finish that will leave you with tears in your eyes.


Van Halen // A Different Kind of Truth

2 stars

Van Halen’s first song with David Lee Roth in 15 years, “Tattoo,” sounds that old. While the guitars are still rocking, there’s something dated about this hard rock ballad about body art. The song belongs to classic rock stations and won’t win the band any new fans.

“If This Was a Movie”

Taylor Swift // Speak Now (Deluxe)

3 stars

Taylor Swift is slowly maturing as she moves away from her high school drama. She still clings to her simple guitar riffs in a song that’s not wildly different from the many before it, but attacks in the chorus’s climax: “If this was a movie you’d be here by now.”

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