The M Street store was purchased on June 8 by three business partners, Mike Marucci, Jody Kurash and Ron Leoni, who said they hope to reopen after a complete renovation. Cynthia Simms, community resource officer for the city’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, said that although the partners’ application to obtain the previous owners’ liquor license has been accepted, the transaction has not yet been approved.

“It’s an icon – you know, a landmark. . We’re just tickled,” said Marucci, who until recently worked as a photographer for the Associated Press. “I’m very surprised at the response. You know, everybody that I’ve talked to is just excited that the store is reopening.”

Many students and members of the community expressed regret at the store’s closure in January. Its previous employees would not comment on reasons for the closure, but Jeff Coudriet, former director of operations for ABRA, said in January that their class A liquor license had not been revoked.

The new owners have promised extensive changes that will revive Dixie’s look. In fact, they said that only the name “Dixie Liquors” may remain the same.

Current plans include applying a fresh coat of paint to the building’s exterior and adding a second register, Marucci said. In addition, he added, the owners are redesigning the interior to relieve a once-cramped sales floor; the checkout counter will be angled to allow customers to pass easily into and out of the store and to allow employees carrying items from the refrigerated rooms to bypass the sales area.

The store will continue to carry kegs, and one of the partners’ goals is to eventually offer a delivery service, arucci said. Details about the service have not yet been decided.

Another service improvement will be a revamped Web site, to be created by Kurash, to showcase the store’s selection.

Kurash, who will continue to work as an AP photographer in addition to her position at Dixie, said that the most significant change Georgetown will see with the store’s new ownership is that they are “going to be much better neighbors.”

Jeanne Lord, Georgetown’s associate vice president for student affairs, said that her office would be willing to work closely with the partners in efforts to prevent underage drinking and to maintain a safe neighborhood environment. This work includes the owner’s attendance at community group meetings, including those of the university-established Alliance for Local Living. The two groups, however, have not yet met to discuss these efforts.

“I appreciate their interest in being good and responsible community members,” Lord said.

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