Georgetown’s next Jack the Bulldog will arrive on campus early next week, bringing with him some changes to the university’s system of mascot care.

The Jack Crew, the group that assists Fr. ChristopherSteck, S.J., with the mascot, will be cut from 20 to four or five members.

“We’ve agreed to cut down the Jack Crew because it is unhealthy for the dog to have so many masters, especially when he is just getting used to his new surroundings,” said Paul O’Neill (COL ’86), Georgetown’s chief operating officer for advancement and a member of the Bulldog Advisory Committee.

Though the current Jack Crew members care for Jack, the 10-year-old dog does not need to be walked as often as he once did, according to Georgetown University Student Association Vice President Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14), a member of the Jack Crew and the BAC. After the new dog, whose full name is John Carroll, has adjusted to campus, the Jack Crew could be expanded again.

“We really need to provide the dog with intimate relationships,” Ramadan said. “Rather than cut, I think we are going to find people who are available and can deal with the puppy as much as possible just so he is familiar and comfortable.”

Bulldog breeder Janice Hochstetler determined that the new bulldog, who will likely go by Jack as well, was ready to be introduced to college life and to settle into life in a Georgetown townhouse on 36thStreet. Hochstetler will spend several days on campus, seeing how the new bulldog acclimates to crowds and students taking pictures with him.

Applications for mascot caretaker opened today, and will be accepted through next Friday. Steck, who cared for former mascot-in-training Jack Jr. along with Jack in New South, declined to take care of the new dog after the university denied his request for assistance from a student if he were to take on the responsibility.

According to the position summary, Georgetown “seeks a passionate and dedicated person to serve as caretaker for the university’s live bulldog mascot. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who loves dogs, is passionate about Georgetown University and will facilitate visibility of the bulldog mascot on campus.”

The responsibilities of the caretaker will include providing daily care for the dog, managing the dog’s schedule of public appearances and training the downsized Jack Crew to assist the bulldog.

The Bulldog Advisory Committee, a 14-member body composed of faculty, students, alumni and staff, will vet the caretaker applicants. The caretaker is expected to make a long-term commitment to the new mascot, ideally five years or more.

“There are many people in our community that are passionate about Georgetown’s bulldog tradition, so I’m sure that we’ll have a long list of good applicants for the caretaker position,” O’Neill said.

The new bulldog shares the same mother, Treasure, as J.J., though they come from different litters. The mascot will be at the men’s home soccer game against DePaul University on Wednesday in order to gauge how comfortable he is in front of large crowds. Hochstetler will also walk the bulldog around Copley Lawn and O’Donovan Hall during highly trafficked times to see how he interacts with students.

Ramadan said that he was happy that the mascot tradition will continue.

“I’m very excited. I hope Georgetown is excited. It is a tradition and I think students made their voices very clear on what they wanted to see continue,” he said. “It’s nice to finally have that end goal in sight. And that end goal just so happens to be a really cute bulldog.”

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