Georgetown is the birthplace of numerous traditions and home to many heroes and legends, from the basketball court to the White House. This year a new kind of hero, one that flies by night to save the day, yearns to make his mark on campus. Captain America is new on the scene and can be seen at least one night each weekend patrolling O and Prospect Streets, sometimes venturing as far as The George Washington University helping students in distress.


Who is Captain America?

He’s just a regular Hoya, who enjoys nerdy political debates, enjoys Hoya basketball … really just another guy.


Why the identity of Captain America?

Essentially, I saw a need and tried to fill it by applying the idea of helping people with my nerdy Georgetown-ness. Captain America is just someone [students] can trust even though they don’t know [my identity]. So basically, this suit [makes] me sort of a friendly stranger to provide for the people. They are comfortable with Captain America if they are too embarrassed to call Safe Rides.

A lot of superheroes are super-human. Captain America is more human than super. [He can’t] fly or shoot webs out of his hands, but he is just a guy.

Also, whereas a lot of superheroes represent being good, Captain America represents more than that: He represents service to fellow man, to comrades, to friends, and [he makes] sure that they are inspired to similar things.


What exactly do you do?  

I basically assist people who need help either finding places or getting back to their dorm if they are really gone. It’s mostly just escorting people. They will say, “Hey, Captain, can you help me find this place,” or “Can you help me back to my dorm,” or “Help my friend back to the dorm.” Help sometimes means anything from walking the person to literally carrying the person back.

I basically thought to myself, I could either be at a party right now, or I could be actually helping someone. And it’s always a good feeling.


What is the scariest mission you have had so far?

I guess basically one of the stories that comes to mind is when a group of girls called me about a heroin addict that had been bothering them. He was pretty much following them for a while, so I stepped in and talked to him, distracted him, and the girls got away.


What other things do you do?

You can reach me on my Facebook page, and if anyone is interested, I give monument and Georgetown tours.


Any words to the Georgetown community?

Feel free to call out to me if you see me on the streets and need me. Just say, “Hey, Captain America,” and I’ll be there.

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