This semester, the Office of the President motioned to offer funding to various culture-related student groups on campus in an effort to establish and finance several cultural heritage months at Georgetown University.

This action reflects a growing recognition and appreciation of the diversity of these student groups and how they contribute to the Georgetown community. Among them are GU Pride, the Black House and the Latino American board, which will each receive a start of $500, and can receive up to $1,500 if they demonstrate need for programming events within their respective heritage months. The offer for funding was additionally extended to any group that could offer programming during a nationally recognized heritage month.

This precedent surely arrives with well wishes from the Office of the President, but with only eight or so full months in the academic calendar, one might wonder if there is a limit to how many student culture groups can be recognized in this limited time frame.

But in actuality, even if heritage months overlap or occupy the same month altogether, this offer from the university allows for even the smallest heritage groups to program during their dedicated month without going through the trouble of fundraising or applying for funds on their own. And with more programming for these months, the Hilltop will become a more inclusive place for all.

This venture in its nascent stages, so patience should be exercised in judging the form and scope of the program as it stands. Surely, this is a strong first step in the right direction toward an era in which minority recognition becomes the rule instead of the exception. Georgetown is a dynamic and cultured campus thanks to the programming of culture groups, so it is due time we give them the means to continue their missions, and by extension, our collective mission as women and men for others

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