Matthew VanDyke (GRD ’04) has reportedly escaped from a Libyan prison in Tripoli after a months long search to locate the missing Baltimore journalist. Matthew had been missing since February when he left alone for the civil-war stricken country.

According to his mother Sharon VanDyke, the two spoke on the phone Wednesday, with Matthew reassuring her that he is in good health and safe.

Matthew had been held in the Abu Salim Prison in Tripoli since March, just a month after he arrived in the Middle East to witness the pro-democracy movement in the country. Earlier this week after the rebel army took the capital ─ including the prison ─ he was let go.

The U.S. State Department confirmed earlier this month that Matthew was alive in Libya, an elusive piece of good news after months of no contact.

Sharon and Matthew’s girlfriend Lauren Fischer have been searching the globe for their missing loved one since they lost contact with him six months ago, traveling to foreign embassies and contacting organizations worldwide. Matthew had traveled to the area multiple times before as a journalist and a filmmaker. He was working on a book about his experiences in the Middle East when the revolts broke out.

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