In a status hearing Friday, Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson ordered that Daniel Milzman (COL ’16), who was arrested after making ricin in his dorm room in March, remain held without bond pending trial.

Milzman is charged with possession of a biological toxin and has been held in D.C. Jail since March 21.

Approximately 60 people, mostly friends and family of Milzman, attended the hearing, which lasted 10 minutes.

The defense has argued that Milzman suffers from depression and did not intend to use the ricin on anyone other than himself, and that he needs psychiatric care rather than jail time. An initial ruling that would have released Milzman into psychiatric care was overturned on appeal by the government in March.

Milzman’s attorney, Danny Onorato, noted that negotiations have been ongoing between his team and the government, led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Maia Miller.

This is the second delay in Milzman’s case, after Onorato petitioned for a later court date at a May 1 status hearing. That hearing was then delayed from June 2 to yesterday’s session.

Milzman will return to court July 31.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on a pending trial, and Onorato’s office could not be reached for comment.

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