We have reached the time of year that makes the first cups of hot apple cider and the first donning of a thick sweater seem meaningless. As you are probably already aware, the time for midterms has come. Midterms are a sure sign that there’s no turning back, the school year is well underway and you won’t be leaving the library for a while.

Midterms are a bit like having a cold and the flu at the same time: You have essentially the same number of tests and papers as you do during final exams, but you still have to get out of bed to go to class every morning. Needless to say, midterm season is often the opposite of all that is happy and joyful. And yet, my fellow sufferers, we must persevere. To help you on your journey, I have selected a few songs that I feel will make writing an 8-page paper seem as painless as writing a 7-page paper. (I never said I could perform miracles.)

First on the list is “Black Hole” by The Silent Years. This track strikes the perfect balance between folksy and melodic — if you like the sound of Kimya Dawson, then look no further. Why do I like this song? My personal philosophy is that every song should have some whistling, clapping or a chorus of people joining in. As this song has two of the three, it automatically shoots straight to the top of my list. But perhaps more importantly, for the sake of studying, “Black Hole” is upbeat enough to prevent you from falling asleep in your coffee yet mellow enough that you can hold your concentration. It’s kind of like a less aggressive espresso.

When you start to get frustrated with your assignments and tearing your paper in half doesn’t feel like it will quench your fury, pump “Something Else” by Diamond Rings. This electro-pop song is a little bit dark — it sounds a bit like Broken Bells but more rhythmic and linear. Its strong beats and angst-tinged lyrics are the perfect way for you to indulge your annoyance. Even better, the lyrics are all about an ungrateful person.—Kind of like the way that our ungrateful society makes us take midterms. OK, so it’s a stretch, but the sentiment is there. I promise. Turn up the volume and dance wildly untilyou forget all about your midterms. If that doesn’t happen, just dance until you pass out.

The last song on the list is meant to pump you up when you’re done with all of this madness. Picture this: You just walked out of your last midterm. You haven’t showered or slept in at least three days, and you feel like curling up in the fetal position and sleeping for several weeks. But don’t give in to this exhaustion! You just bested your academic requirements — walk tall and go celebrate. To help get you into a more festive mood, listen to “Donald Trump” by Mac Miller. Get excited — Mac Miller sounds like a more awesome Mike Posner. More importantly, however, the lyrics to this song are like a massage for the ego. It’s three beautiful minutes of singing about taking over the world and ignoring your haters … just like Donald. If it’s over and you still don’t feel like the best person on this or any other planet, you may need a slap in the face.

So there you have it, friends and fellow midterm warriors: a surefire recipe for surviving this season with your sanity intact and your ears dazzled. Until we reach the other side, good night and good luck.

And be nice to each other — people can get a little frazzled during this time of year, but at the end of the day, we are all struggling through midterms together, fighting against “the man” of academic accomplishment.


Kinne Chapin is a senior in the College. She can be reached at [email protected] Face the Music appears every other Friday in the guide.

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