A month after its usual hiring season, The Corp posted a call for two new Midnight MUG employees last Wednesday.

Though mid-semester hiring is uncommon, Midnight MUG required more manpower than expected due to non-work-related employee injuries and increased demand. The application will remain open until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. Students of Georgetown, Inc. Director of Human Resources Deanna Arthur (SFS ’14) said that the number of applicants was not available because the application was still live.

“A few of our employees have had injuries mid-semester that make it really difficult for them to work a full shift load at Midnight, and this situation pushed us to need a few more hands on deck,” Corp CEO Lizzy MacGill (COL ’14) said.

These non-work-related injuries have increased the workload on the 84 staff members of Midnight MUG, according to Midnight MUG Director Elise Mixon (COL ’15).

“While I have been extremely impressed with the amount of Midnight MUG employees who have stepped up to help out their fellow employees, the fact remains, however, that we are all still full-time students, and working that much all the time is not sustainable, nor enjoyable,” Mixon said.

The need for an expanded workforce has been reinforced by the high demand for Midnight MUG services.

“Midnight MUG is always a particularly busy store,” Arthur said. “We are more so hiring to make sure that none of Midnight MUG’s shifts are understaffed with the holes that have opened up this semester.”

The two new hires are expected to decrease the workload on the coffee shop’s employees during the especially busy finals season.

“With our current number of employees we wouldn’t be able to adequately serve our fellow students during that time of need,” Arthur said.

Despite the unusual timing of this application, the hiring process – which generally leads to the acceptance of less than 10 percent of applicants each semester – will remain the same, adjusted to a quicker timeline.

Midnight MUG will have the same standards for new hires that it does during the normal hiring season, according to Mixon.

“We are looking for the same type of employee we always hire: someone who is hardworking, engaged with the Georgetown community and interested in serving their peers,” Mixon said.

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