CHATTER squareResolved, a weekly column on Chatter, features viewpoints from members of the Philodemic Society on the topic of this week’s debate. This week, Philodemic debates the merits and setbacks of arranged marriage. Join them this Thursday at 8 p.m. in Healy 208 as they debate “Resolved: Marriages should be arranged.”

AFFIRMING: Matrimonial Logistics
Rosa Cuppari

“At this point, it’s valuable to think of what a good marriage actually provides. Is it a fiery, incredibly passionate romance? Or is it a partnership that seeks economic stability, constant companionship, and emotional support? In that case, you should probably marry a person that could qualify as your best friend (but please don’t go propose to them right now). If you do, then you will not only enhance your love, but by spending so much time together, you will be inherently inclined to lean on each other and grow in love.” Read more.

NEGATING: The Changing Times
Warren Wilson

“The way most modern social, economic, and religious structures are organized in the United States and ‘the West’ in general cannot harmonize with arranged marriage. Children rarely (by their own choice) live with their parents after becoming adults. Business and trade are not localized, and instead, commercial partners live hundreds of miles apart. Religious leaders advise and inspire us in spiritual matters, but they are not as involved in other aspects of our lives. Contemporary sociality crosses over the clusters of family, faith, business, and community, in which arranged marriages function.” Read more.

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