**Heartbreaker:** The Georgetown men’s basketball team suffered a crushing defeat to Ohio in the first round of the NCAA tournament for a disappointing end to the season. *Thumbs Down*

**Culture Clash:** A British couple was arrested in Dubai for kissing in public while at a restaurant. They could face up to a month in jail. *Thumbs Down*

**Moving Up:** Georgetown SFS professor Anthony Lake was officially announced as the new executive director of UNICEF on Wednesday. *Thumbs Up*

**Public Slur:** Wal-Mart is investigating a statement made over the intercom in a New Jersey store Sunday evening, in which a male voice announced, “Attention, Wal-mart customers: All black people, leave the store now.” Wal-Mart immediately apologized. *Thumbs Down*

**Rated R:** A glitch in the Time Warner cable system resulted in a two-hour broadcast of Playboy previews over a North Carolina children’s channel early Thursday morning. *Thumbs Down*”

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