Chaos erupted in Silver Spring, Md., around 1 p.m. Wednesday after a flurry of Twitter updates reported that a gunman had taken three hostages inside the headquarters of Discovery Communications.

James Lee entered the building with four homemade explosive devices attached to himself, and was also seen carrying a rifle, according to The Washington Post. The 43-year-old, whose website declares his hatred for humanity, was protesting The Discovery Channel’s TV shows, which he thought demonstrated their support for overpopulation. Lee also demanded that The Discovery Channel run programs detailing how to save the planet by reversing human destruction.

“Civilization must be exposed for the filth it is. I want Discovery Communications to broadcast on their channels to the world their new program lineup and I want proof they are doing so,” Lee said on his website. “I want the new shows started by asking the public for inventive solution ideas to save the planet and the remaining wildlife on it.”

The company notified its employees when Lee first entered the headquarters’ lobby and directed them to stay in their offices with the doors locked. Lee ordered people in the lobby to freeze. While many fled the area, Lee was able to procure three hostages. He instructed the three men, a security guard and two employees, to lie down on the ground facing the floor.

Police were in contact and negotiating with Lee throughout the ordeal, and they were monitoring the situation with interior security cameras, according to the Post. Employees who were in lockdown procedure were later told to evacuate the complex via a specific stairwell.

any Discovery employees were especially concerned because there is a daycare center, where many employees’ children go during the day, located in the building.

At 4:48 p.m., Lee pointed a gun at one of the hostages. Police, fearing for the lives of the hostages, shot and killed the suspect.

The Discovery Channel posted a statement on its blog thanking the Montgomery County Police and Fire & Rescue services and praising their professionalism and efficiency during the four-hour crisis.

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