As September ends, the carefree nature of summer has now all but entirely faded, soon to be replaced by the dreary-eyed, stress-filled time that is midterm season. However, one story should give all Georgetown students reason for celebration, and at least a temporary enclave from the never-ending barrage of study guides and Lau cubicles. Playoff baseball is here.

Yes, D.C. has a team. And yes, they’re pretty good.

The Washington Nationals will host at least two playoff games over the next week after capturing a division championship last month. While of course not everyone is a baseball fan, the Nats offer us all something to rally around as summer sunshine transitions to crisp fall breezes. Having a local team that is competitive in the playoffs is a special occurrence for any city, and that shouldn’t go over our heads here on the Hilltop.

The success of the Nats not only offers substantial economic benefits and a hearty morale boost to the District, but also gives students a team to cheer for apart from those on campus. Even if your sports allegiances lie elsewhere — or are non-existent — the Nationals are an exciting option.

We all know that we’re lucky to live in D.C. The least we can do is cheer for the first chance this city has to bring home the World Series title since 1933.

That is, of course, if you aren’t a San Francisco Giants fan.

It’s time to show off our Natitude.

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