1205 28th St. NW


A quaint location on 28th Street, George’s King of Falafel and Cheese-steak is a great place to stop in at any time of the day, but with its Thursday-to-Saturday hours extending until 4 a.m., it is the ideal place to be for Mediterranean food in the late hours of the night. George’s popular reputation for falafel is well deserved. The falafel platter is beautifully presented with deep-fried falafel and a colorful array of vegetables to enclose in warm pita bread. Pair it with any of George’s wide selection of fun fruity beverages, including tart homemade lemonade or fresh mango juice, to mix in something sweeter. The restaurant offers something for everyone, with small sides for those who may have the late night munchies, sandwiches for the truly hungry, large platters for the ambitious andcheesesteaks for the more adventurous.


Alberto’s Pizza

2010 P St. NW


Redefining what it means to be a hole-in-the-wall, Alberto’s Pizza in Dupont Circle offers your new favorite late-night pizza. The crust is thin and crisp, and the generous toppings don’t make it soggy. There are several reasons that Alberto’s should be the go-to pizza shop: First, it has amazing hours; on weekend nights, it’s open until 5 a.m. It delivers with no extra charge to Georgetown, Dupont and Adams Morgan, among other neighborhoods. Alberto’s also offers fresh-tasting spins on traditional pizza. While the standard pizzas are available, Alberto’s also offers fun toppings. The Parmesan and zucchini pizza is fantastic. The crust is paper thin, the cheese is melted and the zucchini is the exact right texture: neither mushy nor charred. Be sure to look at the options beyond pizza, including the tiramisu, cheesecake and chocolate cake. Alberto’s is not cute or quaint, but it offers some great pizza and good old city attitude.


The Diner

2453 18th St. NW


Adams Morgan’s The Diner on 18th Street does something we can all appreciate: It serves breakfast all day. They also get creative with their weekly special, Southern-style appetizers and giant selection of burgers and sandwiches. Best of all, these dishes and drinks are available anytime: It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is not a greasy diner; the meals are quality and delicious. Alberto’s Creole shrimp salad is served on a bed of Southern-fried green tomatoes with a selection of vegetables, and, while technically classified as a “small plate,” there’s nothing small about the portion or the flavor. It’s spicy, crunchy and the cold shrimp contrasted well with the hot tomatoes to make a great late-night snack. And if you’re in the mood, there’s always dessert like a brownie a la mode or even alcoholic “adult milkshakes,” as they are called by the whimsical wait staff.

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