John S. Carroll, better known as Jack the Bulldog Sr., died yesterday, the university announced this morning on social media. He was 12 years old.

“We’ll miss Jack Sr. and the joy he brought to Hoyas for more than a decade,” the university wrote in a Facebook post.

Jack Sr. arrived on campus in 2003, serving as the university’s mascot until his retirement in 2013. He was the second live bulldog mascot following the revival of the tradition in 1999 after nearly two decades.

During his decade-long term as mascot, Jack Sr. attended official university events and performed at basketball games, where he was famed for eating boxes with Syracuse University’s logo printed on them. He was kept under the care of Fr. Christopher Steck, S.J., with whom he lived on the fourth floor of New South Hall throughout his residence at Georgetown.

Jack Sr. enjoyed a quieter retirement, which consisted mostly of receiving visitors in the lobby of the Jesuit residence Wolfington Hall and taking occasional strolls around campus. He was no longer able to attend basketball games because of a 2012 injury to the canine equivalent of the anterior cruciate ligament, which could have been aggravated by running on the court.

Jack Sr. was replaced as mascot by Jack Jr., who was dismissed in August 2013, following an incident in which he bit a child. John B. Carroll has served as mascot since he arrived on campus in October 2013.


A full obituary will appear on this weekend.

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  1. Dr. Necessitor says:

    Sorry for your loss Father Steck. Hopefully dogs do go to heaven and he’ll be waiting for you. I like to think so.

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