To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read Harlan Goode’s opinion of Jeff Green’s performance in the Final Four game against Ohio State Saturday night (“Game Was Green’s to Win,” The Hoya, March 21, 2007).

I feel that he unfairly focused on only the negative aspects of the game and did not give Green the credit he deserved. Maybe Green didn’t score as many points as Goode or other fans might have hoped he would, but Green and the rest of the Hoyas demonstrated the integrity and unselfishness that have made them such a fun team to follow and easy team to get behind this year.

Green had 12 rebounds that Goode somehow neglected to mention, and he did his best to involve his whole team in a toughly fought battle on the court.

I, for one, am not disappointed about anything that Green and the Hoyas have accomplished this year. A loss in the Final Four does nothing to diminish the pride I have for this team.

Conor Harrington (SFS ’06)

April 2, 2007

To The Editor:

I am sure that I speak for many Georgetown students and alumni when I say that I disagree with Harlan Goode’s basketball analysis and, moreover, am embarrassed by his vitriolic criticism of Jeff Green’s performance during Saturday night’s loss to Ohio State (“Game Was Green’s to Win,” The Hoya, March 21, 2007).

To pin the loss on a player who shot 80 percent from the field and grabbed 12 rebounds is ludicrous. Jeff Green’s mere presence on the basketball court opened up Jonathan Wallace and Roy Hibbert for uncontested field goal attempts. Combined, the three juniors made 20-of-29 shots from the field – an undeniable indication of offensive efficiency.

Given these statistics, as well as the more subjective factor of effort that was obvious to all viewers, it is just plainly unfair to make statements such as, “Green’s single-digit effort was the dagger that cut the heart out of John Thompson III’s scrappy Georgetown team.”

I understand the need for dramatic flair in journalism, but it must conform to the realities of the story.

The “heart” was not “cut” out of the Hoyas last Saturday night – by Jeff Green or by the Buckeyes. Indeed, the Georgetown community was blessed by a team that displayed talent, intelligence and heart all season long.

Nicolas Michiels (COL ’06)

April 2, 2007

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