The Hoya’s new editorial and publishing staff began their terms Saturday, after selections April 5 and 6, and produced their first issue today.

Former Campus News Editor Mallika Sen (SFS ’16) is now executive editor.

“I’m intrigued to expand beyond the confines of news and work with other sections,” Sen said. “It’s a very unique vantage point in the office.”

Robert DePaolo (COL ’16), former copy chief, replaced Sheena Karkal (COL ’15) as managing editor.

“I’m very happy to take on this larger role and help make the office a fun and exciting place to work,” DePaolo said.

Karkal was elected chair of The Hoya’s board of directors for a yearlong term.

“I’m thrilled to take on this new role at The Hoya, expanding from my experience in the editorial division and connecting that with our newspaper’s growing business side,” Karkal said.

Ian Tice (COL ’16) will serve as The Hoya’s third online editor after two semesters as layout editor.

“With our recently launched website, there’s a lot of opportunity to improve and expand The Hoya’s online presence. I look forward to developing the website further over the next semester,” Tice said.

Editor-in-Chief Emma Hinchliffe (COL ’15) and General Manager Michal Grabias (MSB ’15) will remain in their respective positions for the next semester.

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