The Hoya transitioned to a new editorial and publishing staff for fall 2016 on Sunday, April 24, producing their first print issue today.

Kristen Fedor (COL ’17), who served as City News Editor in the fall of 2015, will return from a semester abroad in London, England, to begin a year-long position as Chair of the Board of Directors.

“Working at The Hoya was the aspect of home I missed most while studying abroad, so I am incredibly excited to be back in Leavey 421 next semester,” Fedor said. “After overseeing the news section, I am looking forward to collaborating with the talented Board of Directors on broader organization initiatives.”

Matthew Trunko (MSB ’18), who served as Layout Editor in the spring of 2016, will take over a semester-long term as Managing Editor.

“I’ve had a great time being able to meet and work with so many talented people while I’ve been with The Hoya these past couple years. As Managing Editor I look forward to continuing to help lead and develop our paper,” Trunko said.

Toby Hung (COL ’18), who was Campus News Editor in the fall of 2015 and Guide Editor in the spring of 2016, takes over from Suzanne Monyak (COL ’17), as Executive Editor.

“Having edited two vastly different sections, I look forward to further expanding our coverage to include typically underrepresented communities and perspectives on- and off-campus,” Hung said.

Jinwoo Chong (COL ’17), who served as Managing Editor in the spring of 2016, in addition to previous terms as Guide Editor, Director of Human Resources and Opinion Editor, begins his year-long term as an At-Large Board Member.

“After having worked at The Hoya in a number of different capacities, I’m excited for the opportunity to take a step back and guide the paper on a broader scale,” Chong said. “It’s a bit of a welcome blessing, judging by how much time I’ve spent doing the nitty-gritty day-to-day operations of the paper.”


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