The Hoya’s summer and fall 2013 editorial and publishing staff began their terms this Saturday after selections throughout April.

Former Campus News Editor Emma Hinchliffe (COL ’15) was selected to be executive editor.

“I’m thrilled to step into this role and look forward to working with the editorial team next semester,”Hinchliffe said.

Hunter Main (COL ’15), former copy chief, is replacing Victoria Edel (COL ’14) as managing editor.

“I’m excited to work with my good friend Emma,” Main said. “I also hope to continue the tradition set by my predecessor in helping the paper run as smoothly as possible.”

Edel will now be The Hoya’s first online editor, overseeing the expansion of The Hoya’s digital media presence.

“It’s my job to come up with better and more innovative ways to get the job done online, recognizing that a lot of our readership does come online,” Edel said.

Evan Hollander (SFS ’14) was elected as chair of The Hoya’s Board of Directors for a year-long term.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to help lead The Hoya for the upcoming year,” Hollander said. “Like many in the print media industry, we face both challenges and opportunities. I am particularly excited about helping to build our online presence, improve the experience of our staff and reach out to our alumni.”

Editor-in-Chief Danny Funt (COL ’14) and General Manager Mary Nancy Walter (COL ’14) will stay on for the second semester of their year-long terms through November.

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