TINA NIU FOR THE HOYA Parts of the Leavey hotel will become a temporary dorm.
Parts of the Leavey hotel will become a temporary dorm.

University plans for the conversion of two floors of the Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center into student housing for next year are coming together in more detail as Georgetown’s fall 2015 deadline to house more students on campus approaches.

The second and third floors of the hotel will serve as temporary housing for 120 to 140 students as Georgetown attempts to meet the requirement of the 2010 Campus Plan agreement to house 385 more students on campus by fall 2015. The rooms are planned to be converted back into hotel space at the end of the spring 2016 semester, with the Northeast Triangle Residence Hall set to open in fall 2016 — a delay from its original intended fall 2015 opening date.

With the temporary conversion will come some unique features of the dorm rooms located in the hotel. While residential advisers will still be present in the Leavey space, there will be no chaplains-in-residence. A community director will also be assigned to the hotel, but will not live in the building.

Students will use hotel key

cards, instead of traditional keys, to access their rooms.

“Because it’s only for one year, we wanted to leave the smallest amount of work to the footprint of the hotel so we can convert back to hotel space after next year,” Executive Director for Residential Services Patrick Killilee said.

Killilee said that the converted hotel rooms will be doubles and will be more spacious than current residence hall rooms.

“They’ll be similar to Village C rooms, but bigger. Hotel amenities will also be provided,” he said. “The bathrooms are hotel bathrooms, which, compared to residence hall bathrooms, are pretty nice.”

Currently, the Office of Residential Living is collaborating with the hotel staff in preparation for the renovations.

“We’re working with the hotel staff to help manage what they can expect,” Killilee said. “We don’t work with hotel guests and they don’t work with college students, but there are a lot of similarities.”

The student dorms will be kept separate from the public part of the hotel, which will remain open as usual. Guests will enter the hotel from the north side of the building, near the hospital.

“Student residents will enter from the Leavey Esplanade on the east side of Leavey. The typical access for regular rentals of the hotel is at the north side entrance,” Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey said.

Construction on the hotel will begin in spring 2015, when students will be able to select housing.

“At this point, we are still doing design. By January or February, we will complete all the necessary design documents for board approval,” Morey said.

Two hotel rooms on each floor will be combined into a common room space.

Other projects to prepare for the conversion include updates to the hotel’s electrical load and wireless network to accommodate students .

Killilee said that he expects that the majority of the hotel rooms will be assigned to sophomores.

“I suspect mostly sophomores will be there, because residence hall space usually goes to sophomores. Juniors and seniors have priority for apartments,” Killilee said.

Many freshmen have expressed interest in living in the converted hotel next year.

“I know that many freshmen are dying to get out of their residence halls. Living in a hotel room would be a huge improvement,” Tiffany Wu (SFS ’18) said. “Since there are only 120 rooms, though, I think the selection process will be really competitive.”

Ndeye Ndiaye (COL ’18) said that she would also like to live in a hotel room.

“I wouldn’t mind living in a hotel room, permitting that the amenities are similar to, if not better than, the current dorm situation. I would just like to know more about what would be included before I’d consider it.”

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  1. What does “hotel amenities will also be provided” mean? Are the rooms cleaned daily? Do they get soap, towels, shampoo, a hair dryer, and an ironing board? Room service? Can flex dollars be used for room service?

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