GUSA Sponsors Art Contest; Winner to Appear in Hoya’s

By Tracy Zupancis Special to the Hoya

Hoya’s bar and restaurant will be permanently decorated with student artwork later this fall following a GUSA-sponsored competition. GUSA president Ron Palmese (MSB ’00) announced last Friday that the association will accept submissions from any student through Oct. 29.

“All mediums, from paintings to pottery, any kind of art students deem fitting, will be considered,” Palmese said.

GUSA Representative Brian Walsh (COL ’01), who has been helping to organize the contest, explained that the group is “looking for pieces that represent the student body, student life and student perspective in general.” He added, “instead of bringing in outside artwork, we want to give a real student feel to it.”

The 16 GUSA representatives, as well as Palmese and GUSA Vice President Denis Scott (MSB ’00), will choose the winners. According to Palmese, GUSA plans to unveil the selected pieces in “an informal display” in Sellinger Lounge on Nov. 2. Each will be mounted and hung by Auxiliary Services, and should be on display in Hoya’s about a week later, Palmese said. The number of pieces of artwork chosen will depend on the size of the selected artwork and the amount of space available.

There is no reward for the winners. However, a plaque engraved with the artist’s name will be placed below each work. GUSA plans to make this an annual contest, and will create room for new pieces “by moving a few of the older ones to be displayed in Sellinger,” Palmese said.

Students can submit artwork to the GUSA office, located in 1608 Leavey. Once submitted, the artwork will be considered the property of the university.

Students with questions should call the GUSA office at 687-3476.

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