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Illustrations: Alyssa Volivar/The Hoya


The Hoya conducted a campuswide, door-to-door poll of Georgetown students Tuesday night in advance of the Georgetown University Student Association executive election Feb. 23.

Although the polling method is not scientific, it was designed to reduce sample bias and provide transparency for demographics.

More than 25 Hoya staff members administered the anonymous survey Monday evening in all campus dormitories and apartment buildings and in townhouses on streets in west Georgetown selected for their high proportion of student residences. Polling began at 8:30 p.m. and was completed by 10 p.m. The schedule and locations for polling were not announced beforehand.

A total of 535 Georgetown students completed the survey, which asked students about their views on the relevance of GUSA and the performance of the current GUSA executives, their views of the current election — including their vote choice — a series of demographic questions and a question to gauge the main issues students want their next GUSA executives to address. Respondents were also asked whether they planned to vote in Thursday’s election, narrowing the results of some poll questions to a set of likely voters, which number 309 in the aggregate.

These measures limited readership bias, prevented respondents from being polled twice and sought to present a sample representative of the student body. However, as was the case last year, respondents to the poll were mostly underclassmen, likely because of the relative inaccessibility of junior and senior housing.

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