I hardly knew what to expect when I walked into the GUSA office my freshman year to inquire about representative elections. In high school I was active in the student government, and I wanted to find an organization here at Georgetown that addressed the needs and concerns of the student body. The Georgetown University Student Association had precisely what I was searching for! Two weeks later, as I was being sworn in as one of the four elected class representatives, I promised to uphold all of the responsibilities the position entailed. Now, as two years and many proposals have since passed, I find myself even more dedicated and determined to fulfill my obligations as I serve the interests of my fellow members of the junior class. In all honesty, I do not believe that the GUSA Assembly is a political force in campus politics. Nor does it purport to have as much influence as the administration does in decision-making. Yet I truly believe that we, the members of GUSA, have worked tirelessly throughout the years to achieve our goal to serve as the voice for the student body. It is important to realize that change doesn’t happen overnight. Success is gradual and patience is necessary in order to achieve it. Just think back two weeks ago to Homecoming when, at 7:00 Saturday morning, there was no tailgating. By noon, thanks to the help and lobbying of our president and vice president of GUSA, Lot 3 was an absolute party with alumni and students alike participating in the festivities. Or take for example Campaign Georgetown. If the members of GUSA had not rallied the students to register and vote, there would not have been a Georgetown student serving on the neighborhood council last year to fight for our rights in Georgetown. If that doesn’t change your mind, think back to a year ago when 92.3 WGTB, Georgetown’s student-run radio station, wasn’t even broadcast in the cafeterias. However, one petition and 2,500 signatures later, WGTB is very much alive and played often in the cafeterias and Fast Break. And the station can now be heard in all dormitories. How about extended GUTS transportation or Sellinger Lounge allowed open until 3:00 a.m. from now on? Yes, those too were the work of GUSA. While I do agree that some members of GUSA have, on occasion, lost sight of our intended goal, it is not fair to criticize the entire organization. And while certain resolutions or by-laws are, indeed, a lot of hot air, most other amendments do serve a clear purpose for the betterment of the university. I sincerely hope everyone understands that GUSA does not seek the praise of others as our motivating force. We only ask for respect from our friends, classmates and administrators. Every waking day, the members of GUSA set out to improve campus life for all students at Georgetown. We have assumed an active role in improving student livelihood and intend on fulfilling our obligations to the fullest. Ron Palmese is a junior in the School of Business.

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