SaraRyan_JuliaAnastosForTheHoyaTicket Profile: Sara Margolis and Ryan Shymansky

“We really do believe in every single student here,” Shymansky said of his campaign. “I think that the issue is that sometimes when people talk about what is the ‘exec’ going to do on its own, I think part of the ‘exec’ functioning well is believing in students to go out and change things.”


ChrisMeredith_ValeriaBalzaTicket Profile: Chris Wadibia and Meredith Cheney

“The Chris and Meredith 2015 campaign is not just a campaign, it’s a movement,” Wadibia said. “It’s not just about winning, it’s about how we win. If we win [in the way] every GUSA campaign that has traditionally won has, we’ve done nothing.”


TimReno_ErickCastroForTheHoyaTicket Profile: Tim Rosenberger and Reno Varghese

“I was asked to work on most of the other major campaigns, and each time I was asked, starting in August, there was no campaign that was really bringing forth the issues I’m passionate about,” Rosenberger said. “There was nobody that I thought I could joyfully throw myself into supporting.”



Ticket Profile: Abbey McNaughton and Will SimonsDANIEL SMITH/THE HOYA

“[We want] a cultural change within GUSA, making sure that every student is involved and engaged,” Simons said. “If we can create this new culture – an inclusive, representative, engaging culture – then every GUSA administration after us will be more successful. That is a huge priority.”


LutherRohan_ErinNapierTicket Profile: Joe Luther and Connor Rohan

“I think there’s a very large difference between taking yourself seriously and taking your job seriously,” Luther added. “I think that, for years, people were really alienated by how seriously the GUSA crowd takes themselves, and I think that’s really hindered their ability to do their jobs, so we think, by taking a different approach by how we’re treating ourselves, it has no implication about how we’d treat the job.”

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