Candidates Tony Pezzullo (MSB ’17) and A.J. Serlemitsos (COL ’17) announced the withdrawal of their campaign from the race for executive office of the Georgetown University Student Association in [“Why We Are Ending Our GUSA Campaign” (The Hoya, A3, Feb.9, 2016)].

With only two campaigns officially declared, the remaining presidential-vice presidential pairing of Enushe Khan (MSB ’17) and Chris Fisk (COL ’17) will run in a de facto single ticket race.

Pezzullo and Serlemitsos were running a self-identified joke campaign, but wanted to draw attention to campaign issues and the low participation in the race itself.

“We got into this race because we knew otherwise Enushe and Chris were going to be running uncontested, and we wanted to raise the campus-wide interest level in the campaign,” Pezzullo wrote in the viewpoint. “There are important issues to be discussed here, and we wanted all Hoyas to be aware of them — we hope we got at least a few more people interested and invested in the big decisions to be made under this next administration.”

Pezzullo cited issues the next GUSA executives will have to address, including the Aramark contract renewal and actions to take with results from the Sexual Assault and Misconduct Climate Survey, and commended Khan and Fisk for tackling them.

“They have the skills, ideas and passion necessary to make a great positive impact on this campus, and we look forward to seeing what they will get done this year. We encourage all students to come out to the debates and ask the important questions — keep these two on their toes,” Pezzullo wrote. “We know that we are leaving the Hilltop in competent hands, we know that Enushe and Chris will do everything they can … to make Georgetown great again.”

The dynamics of the election will change, as will the format of the vice presidential debate scheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 10, and the presidential debate scheduled for next Monday, Feb. 15.

GUSA Election Commissioner Grady Willard (SFS ’18) said the debates will take on more of a town hall style and will likely be combined on Feb. 15.

“Should a candidate drop out, it is likely that we would hold some form of a town hall wherein the election commission, campus media and students would be able to ask candidates questions,” Willard said. “In a one candidate scenario, a one-team scenario, we would combine the presidential and vice presidential debates into one.”

Khan said a single-ticket race would have no impact on her and Fisk’s campaign.

“Over the course of the next week and a half, our goal is to engage people and really sit down with them and to hear from them on their perspectives in terms of what GUSA can do better to serve them as a resource,” Khan said.

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