Despite their different platforms, three of four tickets in the 2017 Georgetown University Student Association presidential elections arrived at a similar conclusion: affordability and tuition hikes presented the most pressing issues facing the university community.

Kamar Mack (COL ’19) and Jessica Andino (COL ’18)

“We know how lucky we are to attend this amazing institution, and every student should get the full experience and feel consistently supported. We propose real, concrete change to how the school uses its resources, as well as which voices are being considered when making decisions regarding affordability.”

John Matthews (COL ’18) and Nick Matz (COL ’18)

“The status quo of GUSA has been to promise expansive changes across the board. One of the other tickets running has over 100 bullet points on its platform; how many of these are really feasible? Our ticket is about focus, which is why our platform is based on a concise 10 points to lower tuition.”

Garet Williams (COL ’18) and Habon Ali (SFS ’18)

“These rising tuition costs do not specifically affect scholarship students like us or students who are particularly well off. These changes hit middle-income students the hardest, and these are the students who need be most engaged in future discussions of spending and affordability on campus.”

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  1. Excuse me, but that Matthews and Matz quote has nothing to do with tuition or affordability. There were so many better options.

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