Four tickets for the GUSA executive elections share their personal stories with The Hoya.

GUSA Collage 2

Garet Williams (COL ’18) and Habon Ali (SFS ’18)

Williams and Ali are seeking to realize their vision of a more inclusive, supportive and approachable GUSA – a GUSA rooted in their experiences from before and during their time at Georgetown.

Kamar Mack (COL ’19) and Jessica Andino (COL ’18)

Mack and Andino decided to form a ticket together because of a joint commitment to change the Georgetown University Student Association. Both candidates are currently involved in GUSA, where they work to advocate for increased opportunities for marginalized student groups.

Jenny Franke (COL ’18) and Jack McGuire (COL ’18)

Franke and McGuire are running as Georgetown University Student Association outsiders, motivated by a mission to bring inclusivity, transparency, accountability and change to the student body.

John Matthews (COL ’18) and Nick Matz (COL ’18)

The Matthews-Matz ticket is running with a strategically small campaign staff and a targeted, 10-point campaign platform centered on affordability.


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