Summer break has come and gone and Georgetown students are eager to see what classes, relationships and opportunities present themselves this semester. However, while the new school year may bring  fresh challenges and academic woes, a wide variety of television shows airing this fall are bound to ensure enthusing entertainment to all Hoyas. From horror to comedy, this season’s shows are sure to be welcomed by students looking to escape the stresses of a new semester.

One of the most iconic shows returning this fall is “American Horror Story,” created by Ryan Murphy. After six masterful seasons of ghosts, witches and vampires, its seventh season “Cult” is set to begin on the night of the 2016 election. Despite recent rumors, the show will not point fingers at any political figures, but it will instead focus on the eerie impact of an individual on a divided society. The show will air on Sept. 5 and feature season regular Evan Peters and guest star Lena Dunham.


Fans of Emmy-winning “The Big Bang Theory” can once again sing along to its catchy theme song. The quirky, scientific sitcom returns Sept. 25 for its 11th season, and fans are wondering what will follow last season’s exciting cliffhanger finale involving a marriage proposal and a decisive moment for Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. Set in Pasadena, Calif., the show follows a group of scientists as they pursue careers and romance. The show’s fame derives from its lightheartedness and relatability, with recurring themes such as the unbreakable bond of friendship and the wonder of scientific discovery. Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, the show has launched the careers of actors Kaley Cuaco and Johnny Galecki. However, it is undeniably Jim Parsons who steals the spotlight with his adorably awkward mannerisms and blunt manner of speaking, transforming his character Sheldon Cooper into a pop culture icon. In fact, Cooper is such a cherished character that a new spinoff series entitled “Young Sheldon” is set to premiere on Sept. 25 as well. Jim Parsons will narrate the show, following nine-year-old genius Sheldon Cooper as he begins high school after having skipped four grades.

Several of CW’s hit shows are back, and whether they be action, humor or mystery, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Superhero enthusiasts should consider diving into the DC Comic universe through shows such as “The Flash” and “Arrow.” Entering its fourth season, “The Flash” follows Barry Allen in his quest to defeat “meta-humans” using his lightning-fast speed, while “Arrow” features a rich vigilante attempting to right society’s wrongs. “The Flash” airs on Oct. 10th and “Arrow” on Oct. 12th.

Also returning to the CW for a fourth season is the quirky romantic comedy “Jane the Virgin.Many viewers are already speculating about what will become of Jane’s love life following season three’s surprising ending. One thing is for sure: Series creator Jennie Snyder Urman has vowed that this season will be about “recapturing the joy,” so fans can expect the show to maintain its bubbly themes.

Lovers of mystery dramas and thrillers can look forward to the returns of “Riverdale” and “Supernatural,” two more CW shows set to air in October. Entering its 13th season, “Supernatural” wFrom their trailers, both shows seem to be headed in exciting and different directions, so it will be interesting to see how these artistic changes are received by audiences.


After an extremely successful first season, the NBC drama “This Is Usis set to launch its second season Sept. 26. With an emphasis on family, the show is sure to evoke nostalgia and remind viewers of what truly matters in life: relationships with loved ones. The show has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere, leading it to gain several Emmy nominations, although we have to wait until Sept. 17 to see if those nominations become wins.

Comedy junkies can look forward to a plethora of sitcoms returning this fall, including the award-winning.” Fans of the show admire the relatability of the adorable and sometimes-awkward family dynamics and the hilariously charming antics of the star-studded cast, including Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sarah Hyland. Season 9 premieres Sept. 27. Viewers are already intrigued by word that the first episode takes place in Lake Tahoe, compared to its usual Los Angeles locale.

Other comedies premiering in fall 2017 include the FOX comedy crime drama “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and ABC’s “Black-ish,” which stars Golden Globe winner Tracee Ellis Ross. Whereas the former relies on coworker relationships for comedy, “Black-ishhighlights a father striving to instill a sense of pride and cultural identity in his children. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is set to air Sept. 26, while “Black-ish” is not set to arrive on screen until Oct. 3.

After an eventful summer characterized by political disputes and natural disasters, audiences are hoping the fall television season will represent a return to normalcy. While many shows are expected to build on their success and deliver, others are sure to fall flat. Hoyas should prepare for a busy season of binging to discover what this fall’s hits have to offer.

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