To the Editor:

It is assumed that a university newspaper should give appropriate attention to events around campus in order to inform students and encourage them to support their peers. Therefore, I feel that THE GUIDE has failed to live up to this standard in last week’s edition by choosing to publish its review of “Dr. Korczak and the Children” online, but not in print (“Nomadic Remembers the Holocaust,” THE HOYA, March 17, 2006, Online Edition).

This play was chosen in response to the vandalism of a menorah in Red Square during last year’s Hanukkah season. It encourages people to remember the events of the Holocaust, and to remind them that such atrocities are still being perpetrated throughout the world.

It was the first production in the Davis Performing Arts Center Devine Theatre. Considering this, it is shameful for THE GUIDE not to have included its review in its print edition. I doubt anyone unaffiliated with the play even bothered to find the review.

I find it appalling that a recap of the Oscars (does anyone who reads THE GUIDE not know that “Crash” won Best Picture?) and an article about “America’s Next Top odel” won space over a production considered so moving that the Polish Embassy invited it to tour in Warsaw. Clearly, the priorities of THE HOYA are misplaced. One wonders how many more people might have attended this week’s performances had the review actually been published in the print edition.

THE GUIDE normally provides wonderful coverage regarding upcoming productions, so it is especially saddening that a production of this caliber involving so many student groups was virtually ignored. Maybe THE HOYA considers it a bigger responsibility to print articles on the Oscars, but if that’s the case, the credibility it has as a newspaper for the students has been severely diminished.

Allison Curran (COL ’08)

Cast Member, “Dr. Korczak and the Children”

March 22, 2006

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