This summer, it was hard to go anywhere without seeing wrists bedecked with the colorful and creatively shaped rubber bracelets known as Silly Bandz. Now, Georgetown students can add a new Silly Band to their collection: Jack the Bulldog.

Building on one of the summer’s biggest trends, Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity, is selling Georgetown-themed bands through Dec. 31.

“It’s a new fad we hope to capitalize on,” Simon Crocker (COL ’11), president of AKPsi, said. “Not only are they a great way to show school pride, they are also a popular fashion item.”

Each package of four, which contains two bulldogs and two Georgetown G’s – one blue and one gray of each – can be purchased for $3 at a table in Red Square, the Leavey Center, The Midnight Mug or online.

“I would definitely buy them, especially because they are kind of unconventional,” Ricki Eshman (COL ’14) said.

The money raised will fund the fraternity’s professional and philanthropic events, as well as travel expenses for the group.

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