The university will convert its wireless coverage entirely to SaxaNet and GuestNet by Nov. 14, at which time the unsecured HOYAS network will be removed from all access points on campus.

The change was announced in a broadcast email sent from University Information Services Associate Director William Anderson Friday night.

Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis cited the lack of security and openness of HOYAS as reasons for eliminating the network.

“HOYAS is insecure, and it doesn’t have appropriate security controls,” she wrote in an email.“HOYAS permits all outbound access which can let compromised computers attack other machines.”

Throughout this semester, UIS has warned students and staff about phishing incidents, which include the attempt to acquire personal information — username, passwords and bank accounts — through phony emails.

UIS released its fourth notification in 2012 about a phishing incident Friday, an hour after the announcement of the complete change to SaxaNet.

SaxaNet provides encryption for all wireless traffic, which prevents hackers from accessing private information.

The university also plans to expand Wi-Fi access in the southwest corner of campus, installing 81 new wireless routers in New South and 214 such devices in the Southwest Quad by spring 2013, according to Davis.

“Funding has been approved, and UIS is working with [Georgetown University Facilities and Student Housing] and the contractors to schedule the work in student rooms,” Davis wrote.

But many students remain frustrated by unreliable Wi-Fi connections in certain parts of campus, especially the Southwest Quad.

“It’s very slow,” Southwest Quad resident Rachel Park (SFS ’13) said. “I don’t know if it’s just my computer or my location, but sometimes I have to log in like every two minutes. In my room, I have to use a cable to get some workable Internet.”

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