GU Comes Back to Beat GMU, 5-4

By Jeffrey Goldstein Hoya Staff Writer

Georgetown’s club ice hockey team began its pursuit of its third ason Dixon Collegiate Hockey league title in four years with a 5-4 victory over George Mason Tuesday.

The Hoyas overcame a 3-1 second-period deficit to top the Patriots. Freshman Brian Hearn led the attack with three goals, while sophomore Charles Carson provided a goal and sophomore Dan Percella notched a goal and an assist. Senior co-captain Jason Colton added two assists.

The Hoyas won the league championship in 1997 and 1999. This year, Georgetown has also joined the American Collegiate Hockey Association, which is a national club hockey league that conducts four regional playoffs at the end of each season.

Georgetown should contend for the ACHA playoffs this year. Tough competitors include Navy, Bucknell, George Washington and Loyola. “We have a great team this year; we have a lot of new freshmen that are really good,” Colton said.

“The team is better this year than it was either of those two [championship] years,” senior co-captain Chris Parliman added.

The squad receives no funding from the university. Instead, each team member pays fees of $300, and first-year players spend an additional $60 to purchase a jersey. Players provide their own gear for games and practices.

Parliman had hoped the club would receive some of the $144,000 granted to students for campus clubs.

“I’d like to express my concern with the inability of the students of GUSA to give any money to club sports this year,” Parliman said. “I think these students had an excellent opportunity to give some money to organizations that the school will not give any money to, and I think they blew this chance.”

Parliman is responsible for hiring referees, planning the team’s schedule, acquiring insurance and coordinating transportation to the games. Typically, team members drive their own cars to the team’s rink in Southeast D.C.

The location of games discourages fans, but the team is working to make it easier for fans to attend games. Plans are in the works to play George Washington at MCI Center following a Capitals NHL matchup. The team also encourages fans to attend all of its games in D.C.

“We’re working with Hoya Blue to organize vans to get fans to our games,” Colton said.

Georgetown’s next game is Friday, Nov. 5 at Catholic. The next home games are Saturday Nov. 13 vs. Dickinson and Tuesday, Nov. 16 vs. Catholic.

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