On November 16, the U Street Music Hall was taken over by some powerful ladies who delivered a night of energetic performances and great music.

The first to take the stage was Liz who describes her genre of music as Sailor Moon R&B on Facebook. She was joined by two backup dancers in beanies and oversized football jerseys as well as her DJ. Her vocals were impressive and matched by a high-energy, enthusiastic set.

A strong opener, Liz was followed by Kitten, an LA based indie rock band. Chloe Chaidez, Kitten’s front woman, has been making music since she was a child, and this passion shows. Her performance style and stage presence are incredible and her commitment to putting on a fabulous set is unmatched. Besides displaying some amazing dance moves, she also threw herself off the stage a few times, risking serious injury, to get to the crowd. She climbed over the barricade a number of times to interact with the fans. Once, she even climbed onto the shoulders of a tall man in the audience, and in another instance she crowd surfed while singing.

Once Kitten finished their set, the headliner, Charli XCX, took to the stage backed up by an all-female band. The three girls were decked in all black, while Charli took to the stage in a stylish white get-up with huge platform shoes. They immediately went into “What I Like” and sounded absolutely amazing. The crowd got more and more excited as Charli went through her set, almost knocking down the makeshift barricade that security had put up. Throughout her first couple of songs she was showered with a few gifts from fans, including a box of Pop Tarts.

Charli XCX played all of her big hits and some of her lesser-known songs. Later in her set, the crowd went absolutely crazy when she and her band performed a rendition of “I Love It (I Don’t Care).” Throughout, she interacted with the crowd well. Although she wasn’t jumping into them like Chaidez, she still had quite a connection with everyone.

For her encore, she had Chaidez join her on stage and they performed an incredibly sweet rendition of “I Want Candy.” Seeing them yell “Hey!” in each other’s faces was absolutely priceless. She finished off the night with “Grins” from her album, True Romance.


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