OWEN EAGAn/THE HOYA Located in Georgetown, the new boutique hotel, The Avery Georgetown, will welcome its first visitors in April. The hotel is located just a mile from Georgetown University and will have 15 rooms.
Located in Georgetown, the new boutique hotel, The Avery Georgetown, will welcome its first visitors in April. The hotel is located just a mile from Georgetown University and will have 15 rooms.

The Avery Georgetown, a new luxury boutique hotel located on P Street in Georgetown, will take reservations in April just in time for tourist season in the spring.

Located approximately 1 mile from the front gates of Georgetown University’s campus, The Avery will occupy two 1942 Federal-style buildings that formerly served as multi-family housing and more recently as a law office.

The Avery will feature 15 rooms with a total capacity of up to 40 guests, in addition to an outdoor garden courtyard area. The boutique hotel will offer off-site valet parking and complimentary in-room mini bars, Wi-Fi and morning pastries and coffee to its guests.

Guest rooms at The Avery, which will be available with both King- and Queen-size beds, range in price from $279 to $1,200 per night. A grand opening discount will be offered this spring and an additional neighborhood discount will be available for Georgetown residents.

The Avery’s lowest nightly rates for commencement weekend are about $100 less than the rates offered at the Key Bridge Marriott and the Hyatt Arlington for the same weekend.

According to Justin Schneck, the hotel’s owner, The Avery’s design will encompass both classic and contemporary elements.

“Our theme is definitely … a juxtaposition of classically modern elements, you know, with more traditional tones of historic Georgetown,” Schneck said.

While Schneck said he hopes visitors to the university will lodge at The Avery, travelers who want to experience the Georgetown neighborhood are his key demographic.

The Avery’s opening reflects the increase in the number of boutique hotels around the world. According to a report of IBISWorld, an industry market research firm based in Australia, boutique hotels currently claim $6 billion in revenue each year and have a projected annual growth rate of 5.6 percent for the next 10 to 15 years.

Schneck said The Avery, as a boutique hotel, offers a more homely experience than larger chain hotels.

“Well, at The Avery Georgetown, there is an abundance of natural light, you don’t feel like you’re trapped in a large, big-box hotel,” Schneck said. “Plus you’ll get to know the other guests staying at the property, as it is cozy.”

Adding to its personalized appeal, Schneck named the hotel after his three-year-old daughter Avery, who is very excited about the hotel’s opening.

“She reminds me every day,” Schneck said with a laugh. “She asks me when I’m going to open.”

Kate Ballou, owner of Hendrick Interiors, who worked with Schneck to design the space, said that Avery’s name and elements specific to the Georgetown neighborhood inspire the hotel’s design.

“So taking the initial thought from the name of the hotel, [Avery], that sweetness, playfulness and beauty, and you combine that with the location of Georgetown,” Ballou said.

The Avery will provide guests with 300-thread count Italian sheets in each room, as well as handcrafted furniture, a high definition television and a new-age touch: a Moxie Showerhead with a wireless speaker by Kohler that will play guests’ music from their devices via Bluetooth.

Other unique features of the hotel include its guest-only bar, Margo, named after Schneck’s second, two-month-old daughter. The bar is made from the building’s original paneled cherry wood doors.

The hotel’s bathrooms will also have modern sliding doors made from translucent pink or blue imported Italian glass.

“When the lights are on in the bathroom, the color of the glass glows really beautifully and creates this different element in the room,” Ballou said.

After The Avery opens this spring, Schneck said he will evaluate expanding his brand to other destinations such as Charleston, Maui or New York. Schneck expects his model to appeal to most consumer age demographics.

“The goal is to build the brand, ‘The Avery’ into other cities besides Washington, D.C.,” Schneck said. “I think this model of the small boutique hotel from 15 to 50 rooms is what consumers love, and all consumers, from Millennials to the Baby Boomers.”

Richard DeMarco (COL ’16) said The Avery’s style would appeal to travelers seeking a luxurious experience.

“I think if you’re looking for that experience, to kind of stay in a historic Georgetown type, fancier type of place, it sounds like it would fit right in for that,” DeMarco said.

Francesca Vullo (COL ’16) said if her family had not already made accommodation arrangements for commencement weekend, they might consider The Avery.

“Yeah, I think [my family would consider staying there],” Vullo said. “And I think the location being close to Georgetown makes it a desirable place to stay for graduation.

Schneck said he is optimistic about the opening of his hotel.

“No, I don’t have any worries, I’m confident,” Schneck said. “I feel the product and location will speak for itself and I believe the community as well as international travelers will love the property.”

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