Regardless of religious affiliation, it is undeniable that Jesuit values are woven into the Georgetown experience. Although religious practice may be a more important part of the Georgetown experience for some, we have all observed the influence the university’s Jesuit values have exerted on its culture, community, and values.
This week’s celebration of Jesuit heritage is organized by students to recognize and reflect on the work done by Jesuits at Georgetown and around the world.
Educational and recreational events offer students and faculty a chance to discover and explore how Jesuits have shaped and continue to shape the Georgetown experience.
Through Jesuit-taught classes, their roles as academic and spiritual advisers and effect on the university’s espoused philosophy, Jesuits play an integral role in our Georgetown experience.
Even if students are unable to attend any of Jesuit Heritage Week’s events, each should stop and consider how Jesuit philosophy has shaped Georgetown throughout the years.
Every student has the choice as to the degree with which he or she integrates the Jesuit identity into the Georgetown experience.
But Georgetown’s history is rooted in the Jesuit identity and stopping to appreciate it is sure to enrich campus dialogue among students of all backgrounds.

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