Perhaps if I were more of a soccer — I mean football — fan, I would have enjoyed Ireland’s Four Courts Irish Pub a wee bit more. Not even noon yet, the Arlington pub was already packed with jersey-clad wenty-somethings with bottles of Guinness in hand as they watched Chelsea play against Liverpool.

Of course my great-uncle, who invited me to brunch this past Saturday, didn’t go to Four Courts for the match, but rather for what he deemed more exciting: the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

“I’m very into food lately,” he said — now that recently he quit smoking — as he helped himself to another serving of another variety of sliced meat.

Four Courts prides itself as the only carvery buffet in all of Arlington. Sausage, bacon, ham, flank steak, and other slices of steaming mystery meat pile up in stainless steel chafing dishes.

For only $14.95 you can get your carnivorous fix as well as enjoy a selection of sides, tossed salads, breads and pastries. As much as I wanted to partake in a breakfast buffet that wasn’t Leo’s, I opted to order something more reasonably portioned and not so meat-heavy from the menu. My aunt and I chose eggs Benedict and eggs Florentine, respectively.

While my great-uncle may have been quite pleased with his multi-course meal, I can’t say that much about the eggs Florentine. They arrived lukewarm and were overall mediocre. The spinach didn’t taste fresh, and the bland poached eggs sitting atop the wilted greens really didn’t help things.

Fortunately, the dish was saved by an awesome side of Irish potatoes. The diced tubers were excellently seasoned, and crispy — not mushy as hash browns tend to be. Despite the potatoes’ flavor, the meal went downhill with the other side: overcooked steamed broccoli. Just as with the spinach in the eggs, the overcooked greens were disappointing.

At least the service was attentive. Our Irish waiter was prompt in refilling the coffee, a necessity for a college kid when up before noon on a weekend.

However, the cheering fans were enough to keep anyone awake. By the end of our meal, neither team had scored, and the American fans wearing Ronaldo jerseys were starting to get a little tipsy. Stupid Americans pretending to enjoy soccer.

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