On any given weekend night, scores of Georgetown students can be found not only on Village A rooftops or bars on M Street but also in front of Lauinger Library. These regulars certainly aren’t waiting in line to find a study spot in Lau — rather, they are waiting to enjoy a late-night bite from Fojol Brothers or Fire & Rice. Introduced last semester, food trucks have become a staple of on-campus nightlife.

In response to neighborhood complaints regarding the noise, disturbance and trash generated by late-night student activity, food trucks were brought to campus as a short-term solution to alleviate tense town-gown relations. Spearheaded by the current Georgetown University Student Association executives, this initiative — judging by the lines of students during late-night hours — has benefited not only the university’s neighbors but also its students.

Even in this upcoming GUSA executive election, multiple candidates have pledged ongoing support for these late-night additions, suggesting that the trucks offer GOCards as a method of payment. In addition to being convenient, food trucks also offer exposure to aspects of Washington, D.C. cuisine not found in the surrounding Georgetown neighborhood — and certainly not inside O’Donovan Hall.

Amid the daily refrain of dining-related gripes — whether they be about the lack of an East Campus Grab ’n’ Go or the suspect meatloaf at Leo’s — food trucks provide a welcome diversion while fostering an appreciation for local food and a refreshing change from the monotony of limited late-night cuisine.

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