A report was filed with DPS Tuesday after anonymous flyers attacking liberals and minority groups were found in copies of The Fire This Time, an on-campus minority publication.

Entitled “The Silent Majority,” the flyers singled out homosexuals and minority groups by saying that they “only suck the system and step over others without giving back.” It also had a chart outlining the “benefits of being a minority” and the “disadvantages of being a white student.”

Erin Meadows (COL ’05) was the first person to find the flyers. She immediately contacted top members of The Fire This Time’s staff who reported the incident to DPS.

Anthony Jones (COL ’05), The Fire This Time’s editor in chief, said he was “outraged” by the incident and called whoever inserted the flyers “completely out of line and disrespectful.”

DPS is continuing to investigate the incident according to Director of DPS Darryl Harrison.

“It’s classified as a complaint,” he said. “We take an incident report on anything someone reports and we’ll follow up to the extent we can.”

Information gathered by DPS will be forwarded to University Student Affairs, Harrison said.

Earlier this year, similar flyers entitled “The New Current” and “The Populist Front” were distributed around campus.

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