**Cease and Resist:** Violating a Zoning Board ruling ordering immediate closure, Philly Pizza & Grill remains open for business and has shown no sign of shutting down. *Thumbs Up*

**Super Spaniel:** A springer spaniel in Britain survived a 300 foot fall off of a cliff. The dog ran over the cliff edge while chasing a sea gull. It sustained only minor injuries. *Thumbs Up**

**Losing Traction:** The bipartisan health care summit meant to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans resulted in no meaningful change to the status quo. *Thumbs Down*

**Killer Whale:** Tilikum, an orca whale living at SeaWorld Orlando, attacked and killed her trainer during a live show Wednesday. The whale has been involved in two previous human deaths. *Thumbs Down*

**Trailblazers:** The United States won gold and silver in the Nordic Combined event in Vancouver. It was the first U.S. gold medal ever in the event. *Thumbs Up*”

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