The Food and Drug Administration awarded  a $1 million grant to fund the establishment of a Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation at the Georgetown University Medical Center.

“CERSI is vitally important because sound regulation requires the highest levels of science and evidence,” said Lawrence Gostin, co-principal investigator for the project. “It will affect Georgetown by making our research highly relevant in the country and the world. CERSI fits perfectly within University President John J. DeGioia’s university-wide initiative on reflective engagement.”

The center will provide students the opportunity to work in an intensive research environment, run by FDA scientists, that is applicable to their academic interests. According to Gostin, working with the FDA on real-world issues will offer students a more well-rounded educational experience.

“[They will have the] opportunity to work on major policy issues in food, drugs, medical devices and tobacco,” Gostin said. “It also allows FDA staff to learn and teach at the university.”

Georgetown is the second university to receive a grant for this research. The University of Maryland has already developed its own program in conjunction with the FDA, compiling a team of experts to develop new drugs and perform laboratory examinations to evaluate the safety and efficacy of various technologies.

Georgetown’s CERSI is expected to open within the coming months and plans to work collaboratively with its Maryland counterpart.

“We each have our own strengths, and we are also very close colleagues. I really welcome our partners from Maryland [and hope they will] be working with us well into the future,” Gostin said.

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