Logan Tavern

1423 P St. NW


Omelets, coffee and pancakes all at one meal? Yes, please. To give parents the best exposure to the Georgetown student’s obsession with brunch, try Logan Tavern just off Logan Circle. The French toast sticks are soft and delectable; paired with a delicious maple pecan dipping sauce, they won’t last long at the table. Breakfast options range from classic choices, like omelets stuffed with wild mushrooms and spinach, to the untraditional, such as burgers which are irresistible, even if it seems too early to start getting your red meat intake. Home to great brunch food, Logan Tavern is an excellent spot to brighten your Sundays and have some quality time to catch up with family.



1200 New Hampshire Ave. NW


A lesser-known Dupont Circle spot offering a variety of fresh fish and daily specials with friendly service, Grillfish is a great place to escape the bustle of M Street. The homemade ravioli, stuffed with a soft mushroom filling and a slightly spicy tomato sauce, is a standout on the menu, even though the restaurant focuses on seafood. The arctic char is simple and tantalizing, and the seafood Sicilian pasta dish is a heartier option. One of a variety of light and delectable desserts, the melon sorbet is a refreshing end to a fishy meal. This is a great place to take family when you want a good, straightforward meal without the pretentiousness of some fancier restaurants.


Central Michel Richard

1001 Pennsylvania Ave. NW


More expensive than can usually be afforded on a Georgetown student budget, Central Michel Richard is the perfect place for a special family dinner. At first glance, the menu is a bit worrying, with simple food that lacks the pizazz to warrant its price — chicken nuggets as a $12 appetizer, for example.  However, the quality of the food completely makes up for the elevated prices. Warm, soft and delicious, the cheese puffs alone are a motivation to visit the restaurant. Despite how off-putting the name may be, the frog legs with prosciutto are another delicious way to begin the meal. The dinner menu offers a variety of pasta, meat and fish dishes along with salads. The salmon with misosauce is refreshingly different, and both the sea bass with mushrooms and the steak tartare are worth the indulgence. This is an absolute must for parent visits. Although loud and bustling, the tables are spaced far enough apart to afford you a sense of privacy, and the overall environment should suit both students and parents.


Le Mirch

1736 Connecticut Ave. NW


This small, modern restaurant by Dupont Circle is a great place to take family or visiting friends and adds a nice mix to the general food variety available in Washington. With a modern take on a number of classic Indian and Southeast Asian dishes, it offers a chance to sample a number of different dishes, such as the chicken satay, which is spicy, tender and a great start to the meal. Their lamb shank, braised in onions, tomato, ginger and chili, was exceptionally soft — the meat falls off the bone — and was spicy enough to be interesting without being overwhelming. The butter chicken, which sounds deceivingly mild, is as spicy as it is delicious. The flavors pair well with the ingredients without being overpowering, and it all tastes remarkably fresh. Le Mirch is upscale without being exceptionally pricey, and the design of the place makes it look far more expensive than the menu prices suggest. If you can take the heat, it is well worth a visit.



781 Seventh St. NW


Pleasantly quiet for a lunch break with the family downtown, Zengo offers Asian-fusion food with a slight Latin twist. The lunch menu is simple and healthy, although not wildly exciting. The pan-roasted rockfish, which came with chorizo and a tangy sauce, was modern and fresh. However, having parents who are familiar with upscale cuisine makes it difficult to find places to impress them. TheZengo fried rice and the Hot Box — Zengo’s unique lunch offering of tandoori chicken, rice and wok vegetables — are safe picks, even if the rice can risk being overcooked. Zengo is a satisfying midday dining spot for days spent in the city because it is close to all the best museums and within walking distance of the White House. The portions are just right size, and the relaxed atmosphere makes it a good place to catch up.

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