Faculty pay and compensation at Georgetown were relatively stagnant last year, as professors’ salaries around the country increased at a historically low rate.

Full professors at the Georgetown University’s main campus and Law Center made an average of $155,500 last year, a decrease of $400 from the year before, according to a report published in 2010 by the American Association of University Professors. The average salary of an associate professor fell by $300 and the average salary of an assistant professor increased by $3,100. The average salary for all professors increased by $100, and the average compensation, which rose in all categories, grew overall by $1,500.

The average salary of a full-time faculty member increased by 1.2 percent nationwide last year, the smallest increase in the 50 years since the AAUP began surveying faculty pay.

Inflation rose by 2.7 percent last year.

“It’s obviously not a good thing, but compared to the rest of the world losing their jobs, it’s not too bad,” Faculty Senate President Wayne Davis said. “Nobody’s happy about it, but we’re still functioning.”

Davis said that slimmer average salaries did not necessarily mean that anyone received a pay cut.

“The salaries of the full professors who depart are normally a lot higher than those of the typically younger faculty who replace them,” he said. “So continuing professors might get a sizeable increase without the average full professor salary increasing.”

Davis said that the average base salary for main campus professors rose by 1.25 percent this academic year and is scheduled to rise by 2.5 percent annually starting next year.

“I think we caught up to our peer institutions,” Davis said of the main campus increases.

Men earned more than women in every category, according to the AAUP. The largest difference was for assistant professors, where men made 14.9 percent more than women on average.

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