Until Oct. 16, the creative talents of professors in the art and art history departments are on display in the Walsh building’s Spagnuolo Gallery,

According to Sharon Moody, painter and Georgetown lecturer on design and painting in the art and art history departments, “Our faculty are a prolific, creative group, and there’s a wide range of media, styles and subject matter in this show that reflect the breadth of our department. In this show you can see everything from the latest cutting-edge digital art, through contemporary approaches to traditional materials.”

Those who have visited the exhibit agree that the variety of pieces make the show vibrant and eye-catching. “All the pieces manage to stand apart – some bringing to mind what we do with our day, others about larger themes regarding the human condition,” Anastasia Baran (COL ’13) said of the Spagnuolo exhibit.

oody’s contribution to the show includes two paintings in the trompe l’oeil genre, a term meaning “fool the eye” because the paintings are flat but create the illusion of three-dimensionality.

Historically, these paintings have used a type of printed paper as their subject, such as currency, letters or fine art prints.

“To update the genre [trompe l’oeil], my subjects are contemporary Pop imagery – I’m interested in consumer products, especially labels, packaging and other printed material. They’re technically challenging to paint convincingly, and of course we respond to them as artifacts of our culture. They’re accessible – everyone read them in childhood,” the artist said of her work.

The exhibit is free to the public and is located on the first floor of the Walsh building.

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