Granted, there could be worse places to spend three summer months than on the Hilltop, but trying to keep my days filled with excitement is a task all on its own.With a little effort (and some help from the guide’s Twitter), I was able to uncover some fun things, including an event called Truckeroo. The food truck festival is held once a month at the Fairgrounds, which is just across from the Navy Yard Metro stop. Honestly, it’s an odd name, but it’s worth the trip: Many of the front-gate food trucks you know and love — and some you’ll come to love — will be in attendance.

The first thing I noticed with the unveiling of the new campus plan was that food trucks would be more present on campus. Let me be clear: I am not a food truck connoisseur by any means — but I do love good food. From the few experiences that I’ve had with food trucks, these harbingers of a satisfied stomach have always made my day.

The food truck has been in existence for years. I fondly remember people jokingly referring to the mobile food kitchens as “roach coaches” when I was a kid. Since then, however, they have become more upscale and refined. Now, both established and up-and-coming chefs use the food truck to broaden their clientele, and the quality of the food served has markedly improved. This change for the better has made food trucks the trend of the moment. This past Friday, I went to Truckeroo VII and had a blast.

Always ready to use my SmarTrip card, I conveniently took the Metro over to the festival and was soon in the thick of it. Arranged in a neat circle, the food trucks resembled a modern version of a scene from the Oregon Trail. With the melodious tunes of popular music as a perfect backdrop, I started my inquest of the food trucks one by one.

The first truck that I tried was called Takorean. This cute little truck embodied the wordplay used in its name — Korean tacos are its specialty. Serving up bulgogi tacos with kimchi slaw, the truck aimed to please, and the food on my plate quickly disappeared. With a special of three tacos for nine dollars, it was money well spent.

Success with Takorean had emboldened me to try another — this time something a little sweet to compliment the savory. Curbside Cupcakes offered the perfect choice. This bakery on wheels gives even Baked and Wired a run for its money with its moist red velvet cupcakes and refreshing milkshakes. Other food trucks that looked worth a try were Jose Andres’ truck Pepe, Red Hook Lobster and Hot People Food. CapMac, which serves up some of the most delicious macaroni and cheese in Washington, was also drawing a large line.

Like many of you in and around Georgetown this summer, I face the daily grind in D.C. without my fellow students. We’re always on the go, working hard every day and night like Tina Turner in “Proud Mary.” It can sometimes be difficult to feel the summer vibes here in this bustling metropolis, but Truckeroo is a great way to put your greater ambitions on hold for just a bit and kick back to the sounds and tastes of summer.

Truckeroo will return to the Fairgrounds on July 13th, August 10th and September 28th.

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